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Chimney supports


Load Bearing Insulation ,Flue insulation

Agni Fiber Boards (P) Ltd is manufacturer of high temperature structural insulation boards, mold platen insulation boards & thermal insulation boards for various industrial applications.

In Chimneys Insulation reduces the risks of fires by reducing heat transfer to combustible material surrounding a chimney. Insulation lowers temperature of liners during over firing or chimney fires.
It also maintains higher temperature on liners when flue gas temperature is low.
Our Insulation Products is high strength machinable Thermal and structural insulation board suitable for this application. In Chimney for support high mechanical strength of insulation material is required at high temperature.

Typical Applications Chimney Supports

Bottom of the chimney flue is mounted on the floor beam using load bearing insulations blocks having No. of load bearing dowel as shown above. Our product has got good compressive strength with low thermal conductivity, it is best suited for such type of load bearing applications. It also prevents flow of heat from inside of the chimney flue towards floor beam.
Our product can be used as substitute of Tenmat product, SINDANYO NATURAL GRADE CS-51

Our Products Used For Chimney Application

Technical Specifications

Parameter Syndanio 350 Syndanio NA - 350 Syndanio NA - 550
Density (Kg / m3) 1900 1600 1600
Compressive Strength (Kg / cm2) 1050 600 600
Shear Strength (Kg/Cm2) 280 180 180
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature 350º C 350 °C 550 °C
Dielectric strength at 90 °C
Transverse 1KV/mm 1KV/mm 1KV/mm
Surface 3KV/min 3KV/min 3KV/min
Thermal Conductivity of boards thickness 10 mm at 350ºC (W/M °C) 0.63 0.53 0.53
Remark Commercial Mineral Fiber Grade Non Asbestos Grade Non Asbestos Grade

Standard sizes available

Thickness : 20, 25, 30, 40, 50,75 mm
Dimensions : 42 x 48.
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