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Syndanio NA-350
Syndanio NA-550
Syndanio RV
Syndanio RM
FRP Sections
(FRP Pultruded Profiles)
Induction Furnace Parts
Electrical Heater Mounting Blocks
Chimney Supports
Induction Brazing Application
Mold Platen Insulation
Sintering Process
(Diamond Tools)
Steam Curing Chambers
Oven / Furnaces Insulations
Backup Structure of Furnaces
Insulation for "Online Filtration System (OFS)" of PFY/POY plants

Electrical heater mounting blocks


Agni Fiber Boards (P) Ltd is manufacturer of high temperature structural insulation boards, mold platen insulation boards & thermal insulation boards for various industrial applications.

Many Industrial applications require electrical heaters like finned tubular heaters, strip heaters, etc for generating heat.

For safety of the operators from electrical shock, the heaters are mounted on non- metallic high temperature thermal & electrical insulated blocks.

Our Insulating Sheets provides excellent thermal shock resistance as evidenced in its typical use as a direct contact board for non-ferrous metals and in fire training burn rooms. They are fire resistant to temperatures approaching 550C. They also exhibit low thermal conductivities that remain relatively constant over a broad range of operating temperatures.

Specific Applications

  • Induction furnaces
  • Billet heater boxes
  • Glass industry
  • Smelters
  • Heaters Manufacture
  • Induction heating
  • Press Tools
  • Texturizing Machine
  • Induction Furnace top/bottom cover
  • Coil Spacers

Product Used For Insulation

Technical Specifications

Parameter Syndanio 350 Syndanio NA - 350 Syndanio NA - 550
Density (Kg / m3) 1900 1600 1600
Compressive Strength (Kg / cm2) 1050 600 600
Shear Strength (Kg/Cm2) 280 180 180
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature 350º C 350 °C 550 °C
Dielectric strength at 90 °C
Transverse 1KV/mm 1KV/mm 1KV/mm
Surface 3KV/min 3KV/min 3KV/min
Thermal Conductivity of boards thickness 10 mm at 350ºC (W/M °C) 0.63 0.53 0.53
Remark Commercial Mineral Fiber Grade Non Asbestos Grade Non Asbestos Grade

Standard sizes available

Thickness : 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50,75 mm
Dimensions : 42 x 48.
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